Putting Myself Out There

So, this has been a fun week.

Let me cover this first of all, if you notice that I am typing and I’m missing the letter K. It’s because my eyboard is on the fritz. Yes, I know that I missed the letter in Keyboard. It was done ironically.

Ok, back on track. I guess it’s wanting to work right now. So, I spent this week working on scripting. It’s something I’m relatively new to in the comic book world. I was always taught to write in standard format. I just spit whatever I’m feeling onto the page, and then I go back and edit it. After I do that, I then have to break it into visuals for my artists that work on my comics. I however have something I want to say about that. As an artist as well, I like my freedom. So, when I script something for a comic. I almost feel like I’m taking away from the artist. That, or people may think that I’m being lazy because I don’t want to script it?

I really don’t feel like I fall into the lazy category, I know several writer friends of mine, who prefer to skip writing the whole story out, and jumping into script only. I can respect that, if you can do that! I have to have the whole visualization there in my head. I was always taught in college that I should just get it out of my head, and onto the paper. So, that’s what I do. I will say, I’m trying to get better at scripting.

My current process is writing the book, bugging an artist I adore into letting me work with them, and then working with them. This usually involves many trips to restaurants where I stuff my face with fried chicken, Chinese food, or burgers. Let’s be honest, food makes everything better. Eat, discuss, scribble, boom comic process!

So what, pray tell is this rant about?! Get to it man!!

Well, for one. I won a fun twitter contest from Valiant Comics (http://valiantentertainment.com/) They have a Fan art Friday which is awesome! I suggest you jump in it, if you get a chance. Here was my entry.

I got a ping on my cell phone on Tuesday.

As you can imagine I was thrilled! I am getting a hardcover collection of Quantum and Woody, and a signed The Valiant poster from Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt. Pretty awesome!

As some of you know, I am an independent comic book writer. I am trying to up my game and get into some of the larger publishers out there, so when I won this, I decided that I’d give it a shot and shoot them some writing at their submissions department.

I want you to know, putting myself out there like that is tough. Rejection isn’t something many people can take, so they never give it a shot. I don’t want to fall into that category. So, I sent it off. I haven’t heard back from them yet, but this is only one day in the wings. I imagine it could take weeks for a major publisher like Valiant to get to my email and hopefully give my books a read! What am I expecting? I don’t really know. A critique? A simple yes or no? A thanks, maybe next time? No idea. If they sent me an envelope full of glitter it wouldn’t surprise me, I’d just have a permanent reminder to open my mail with gloves. Long story short, this is my first step into submissions. There shall be more! I’ll let you know what happens, good OR bad.

So, I like to try and keep this blog updated, that’s my latest! Thanks for stopping in!



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