What’s new, writing comics, and upcoming projects.

So, what’s new in my world?

I’ve been writing my ass off. That’s one thing. I currently have four or five comic books that are coming out this year and next. Of the ones that I can mention Anonymouse is the main one. It’s my baby. It’s essentially about a mouse who gets rescued from near death by a vagrant. Not going into too much detail it’s a revenge story that revolves around the main character who is Anonymous. He is a mouse without any sort of identity. The revenge story will come in some of the later issues. You have survival and a favor that start the story off. I know I’m being vague, but I try not to be a spoiler guy. In fact, I can’t stand that! Stupid social media and their spoilers! Can’t tell you how many Walking Dead spoilers I’ve seen by simply scrolling down the page. The book should be coming out in the second quarter this year. It’ll be available on the convention circuit as well as any orders you place to me or the artist House of Doodle.



Whatever updates you want to see from Anonymouse

Next up we have Blinth, I’ve been writing for Blinth for a little bit now, and that is to be expanded. Nothing has been formally announced to the world yet, but I’m writing a healthy chunk of the series now.


The series itself was created by Jason Dube (Scattered Comics) and Noel Serrato (Scattered Comics, D’Z Studios). Noel and I are working on it at the moment. It was my first creator owned project that I’m writing for. It’s a very different thing to write about a character you don’t own or didn’t create. You have to make sure that continuity is in place. You check background stories, who is who, where they are from, who their parents are, and most of all, how can you make them even more interesting than they already are? It’s a blast to write and it has a great fan base already.

I’m writing a (hopefully) ongoing series for my man Ray Zepeda, Jr. He owns and operates Tragic Hero Comics. He’s a great guy, and this is another one of those things that someone else created, that I’m writing the story about. It’s gonna be pretty punk, that’s all I’ll say. I also got the go ahead to post some images I drew to give the artist an idea for character design. I’m excited to work with Ray, he shares the same love of comics and music as I do. When I can give official announcements about the book I will.11016746_10152818704539833_38040518_n11004873_10152818704709833_245073708_n

11005919_10152818704814833_1399616142_n 11005958_10152818704394833_240396458_n


¬†Lastly, I’ve been working on a project with the Artist Warin Johnson, he’s an incredible artist who has the book Erabyss, which I am co-creating as well. It’s on a book that I wrote called Boundless, again, most of this is off the books for right now as I don’t want to give any spoilers away.

“Equilibrium can only be maintained by moving forward. The scale is tipped in this world, and it has festered for too long. Humanity needs a hero. I don’t know it yet, but I am the hand that will bring balance.” -Khadim Gray


Here’s a link to Erabyss.

Other than that? I’m writing my own stories as always. I have a lot of stuff to get out there. House of Doodle and I have a lot in store for Anonymouse. All of my projects are a blast and I hope that you get a chance to read them all and say hello to us at the Cons!


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