Drawhammer 40K and Other Things You Might Not Care About!

Ok, so I’ve gotten busy drawing. There has been a lot happening since we’ve last spoken. I’ve turned 31 years old, and because of this I got a sweet drawing table from my Mother-in-Law. I also got a crapload of drawing pens, and Bristol 11×14 drawing pads, 5 books of them so I believe that’s 100 pages. I’m drawing nightly and skipping the weekends since my wife is at home.

So here’s the table.

I really like this table, it was easy to put together and it’s really sturdy, this is important especially since I like to lean into the table when I draw. Have I mentioned I’m 260+ lbs? I’m like a linebacker that has a drawing habit. Speaking of linebackers, I’m glad football is back by the way. I’ll talk about this another time though. So anyhow, my drawing setup is basically this with a small television to the side. So I draw and watch Netflix together. I can’t help it, I have to have some sort of white noise in the background. I’ve always been that way, I sleep better when I can hear my computer fan blowing all night.

So I usually draw in pencil and then go over it in ink and fill in all the details, I make a rough sketch and give it a whirl. So, without too much rambling I’ll get to what I’ve been drawing. You’ve probably guessed it by now if you read this blog at all, it’s more Space Marine stuff! Weeeeeee!


All right, so this guy. He’s a big bearded lumberjack of a Space Marine. This was one of the first ones recently that I’ve done all on my own. The background and the character were my own thoughts. I posed in the mirror and took a snapshot so I could make sure my dimensions were good. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, I’m experimenting a lot lately with backgrounds and I haven’t got it down pact yet. Especially with inking. I went with the Blood Angel theme here since they’re my favorite legion and the image was based on a goofy photo of myself. So yeah.

Here are some quick doodles I did of myself when I was watching Sons of Anarchy. I just had some paper lying around and I set off to making these. I also did some ink ones, keep in mind these are 5-10 minute drawings I did while watching a show, so don’t expect too much.

I found these drawings of myself in the Space Marine outfit and the drawing of my wife to be pretty comical, I was trying to have some fun with my drawings. Someone said they didn’t know I was married to Howard Stern. Ouch. lol. I’m ok with taking jabs at my art, I do it for fun and not for a job so the only person I really have to make happy is myself. I share because I think some of them are pretty good. Some of em are road bumps on the way to a better production. I thought it’d be nice to take a few drawings off from drawing Space Marines, but I really do love drawing them…

This could be a tattoo for a desperate person…or a REALLY drunk one…maybe even me..tattoos of yourself as a Space Marine are classy right? Nothing says “hardcore” like a tattoo of you with huge teeth in Mark IV armor.

So I’m revisiting this one and the next one, I went back and inked them. I like the end result a lot better. I’m not super keen on having the hash marks in the bottom right of the one above, I felt like I was opting out of doing more detail. Maybe I was in a hurry that night, who knows. I think that I’m just apologizing to myself at this point. The one below however I really liked how it turned out inked. I got to fix the eye a bit and get some more sadness into it. I think that it turned out way better than the pencil version.


I think all in all I like it, but I should add more crosshatching…just for good measure.

So I don’t think I mentioned it, but I went and bought an ink brush pen. You know, the pen with the brush tip? I like how dark it gets things, this was my first try at it. It’s not mind blowing like I thought it would be, but it’s ok. This is another image that I did on my own. I was envisioning the Punisher, I just recently got a Punisher tattoo and so it filtered over into the drawing. Not sure what to really think about the ink brush, I just know it didn’t last really long, whether that’s because I’m an amateur at using it, or it’s just designed that way I have no idea…what’s your opinion?


Here’s one that I tried to mix the brush and the ink pens better. I like it, but I half-assed the background a bit. I just felt like I was gonna waste the brush if that was the case. So I left it kind of barren. I was pretty happy with him, but once I inked his face with the brush I felt like it got a little blotchy, but could just be me being critical of my own work. Terminator armor is just awesome and I wanna get better at drawing it. Helmet or no Helmet..


Now onto more Terminator armor, I put down the ink brush for this one. I went with the Wolverine mindset of the Power Claws. I went with a simple background to keep the focus on him, At this point I’m really a bigger fan of using the brush in different ways, like backgrounds instead of on the main subject. I have to be able to find that balance though. It can be pretty taxing and nerve racking to start a background in ink after you’re happy with the drawing in the foreground. A background can help or absolutely ruin your image.

A chaos marine! I imagine he’s of the Emperor’s Children, they’re one of my favorite Chaos legions, they went from beauty to horrific in a matter of years. Which in the 40k universe is nothing. It’s my first attempt at a Chaos Space Marine, I enjoyed drawing it, there are a lot more details you can get into with Chaos. Pointy bits here and there and more macabre stuff, ie; the heart he is clutching. This is of my own design, I imagined him squeezing the life from the heart of his dead enemy. They’re very scary like that. I should have added a bit of “shine” to the black, I just wanted it dark. You be the judge.

This is an image I found online of a Dark Angel and I drew from that. So I can’t take credit for this idea. Kudos to the original artist. I love the Dark Angel’s legion and wanted to get a chance to draw a hooded figure in Space Marine Armor. I’m very happy with the final product here though. I can imagine him getting the jump on someone who isn’t paying attention until it’s too late to turn around. He hears the engine of the chainsword kick in and takes him by surprise. Wham Bam Thank you Ma’am!

So here is where I started messing with the ink brush as a background, at this point it started to die, which makes me kind of sad because I don’t wanna drop 4 bucks on a new one. I’m married with kids, and unemployed, so I gotta ration what I have. I originally wanted to draw something like this because I wanted to draw a hammer. They’re such cool weapons in Space Marine, they’re enormous mauls that are electrically charged, backed with the strength of a superhuman. AWESOME. The hammer came second to the shield and terminator armor as usual. I really liked this drawing, I feel like the face came out the way I wanted and he was showing enough emotion to let you know what he was thinking. This is of my own mind again, so I’m enjoying this process lately. I think I’ve gotten better from the first couple of drawings I’ve shown you. You be the judge however.

So this was from two nights ago, I really like this one a lot. It’s possibly my favorite. I love the form. I think that the way he is posed shows a lot of drama, and the helmet almost hints at emotion. Which is hard to do with an inanimate object. He’s someone I wouldn’t want to mess with anyhow. I laid off filling the whole thing up with cross hatching and really showed the lighting, it’s a fun thing when it works out. I imagine him to be from the Iron Warriors, pre heresy. Hence the stripes on the sword.

So my ink brush died, pretty much while I was drawing this. I figured that the Legion of the Damned hasn’t gotten any love from me and so they were gonna get it here. He’s also my first Devastator marine. I f’n love the heavy bolter, I think it’s very boss and would be horrifying to come across in a battlefield. It kind of makes me think of the scene in Predator with the minigun, where the guy just chops trees down while he fires blindly into it. Now imagine that with shells that explode on impact and pretty much never run out of ammo. Yeah…lawn work would be a peace of cake with one of these bad boys.

So sorry that it took me forever to update you guys. I’ll try to update it more often, just been busy lately with football being on. Go Texans!

In the comments, if you guys have an idea you want me to create with Space Marines, please let me know. It will give me some good practice! Thanks for your time and please let me know what you think of my latest drawings!












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