So, I’ve Been Drawing Again.

So, instead of blogging lately, I’ve been drawing. Is it because I’m too busy to multitask? No. As I’ve said before, I’m a stay at home dad and I have lots of time. Most of it is spent either doing dishes, or making sure my child doesn’t die. Aside from that, I’ve been busy reading through more of my Horus Heresy Novels. Since last we’ve talked I finished Prospero Burns and Age of Darkness. I’ve also been busy spending my nights watching Family Guy, Full Metal Jacket, The Cleveland Show, and Raising Hope.  This is what I prefer to have on in the background while I draw. Why Full Metal Jacket? Because it’s a fantastic movie and I have it on Blu Ray and hadn’t watched it yet since getting it as a gift on Father’s Day. It was beautiful by the way. Blu Ray is awesome, but you probably already know that.

So I’m sitting here waiting for my wife to get home from work I decided that now is as good as ever to write a new blog. Lyric is napping as well, so don’t worry. She’s not sticking her fingers into light sockets or eating glass while I disregard her in hopes of getting views on the internet. She’s asleep, probably filling her diaper with gifts for me when she awakens. I’m also struggling at this moment to see over the hillock of Diet coke cans on my desk that are obscuring my view of the monitor. I also have one glass that’s an asshole and stands out above the rest, he’s a hurricane glass from the San Jose Improv. A GLASS you say?! Yes. I do drink water as well, just not as much as I preach to others to drink. Right now I don’t know what I’m going to read next, I’m probably going to buy The Outcast Dead and Deliverance Lost from Amazon because I need my Horus Heresy. Until then however, I’m probably going to read Battle of the Fang, it’s about the battle between The Thousand Sons and the Space Wolves on Prospero. This will be the third entry in this battle, but it’s a great battle so shut your face, more than likely you have no idea what I’m yammering about anyways. On a side note, I find the best way to get people to read my blog is to insult them. So far it’s getting me at least one view a day. Pretty compelling stuff I know!

Drawing. Yes I’m getting to that, I thought I would update you with whatever I felt like so yeah. I watched a pretty cool  video earlier here. It’s about a people killing zombies with dubstep. I’d like to think this is practical because it would serve better to kill zombies than to listen to and try to explain to people what you’re listening to. I know this might confuse you as to if I like dubstep or not. That’s good. Because I’ll let you figure it out. Aside from that video I watched a fan film called Puppet Master. It’s a Batman movie, as if you aren’t oversaturated enough, but who cares?! It’s Batman! Very cool Indeed. So…now that I’ve sent you off to watch other things rather than read my blog. I’ll post the pictures I drew in the order I drew them.

This first drawing was the first use of my new paper I got from my Mother-in-law. I’m kind of anal when it comes to using Bristol board. It’s such a nice thick paper I’d hate to ruin it with mere doodles. So I tried my best to make something worthwhile. It was my first Space Marine I ever drew and I was pretty happy with the way it turned out, I wasn’t too keen on the size of the legs to the body, but nothing will ever be perfect to me. After this drawing I decided that I was going to draw at least one thing everyday til I run out of paper or ink, or erasers…or something else comes up that holds my interest. So far it’s been a week.

This one I got the idea from an image I found on google search. I was looking up ideas for Space Marines and I came across an amazing painting that I wanted to try and emulate. So here is the end result from it. I originally was looking to try my hand at a chainsword since I’ve got a weird obsession with them. If I can own my own chainsword I would. I think I’d probably chase my dog around with it or give it to Lyric to chase her mom around with. I would prove most entertaining. I was pretty happy with the chainsword that I drew, I have some issues with the face that I might go back and try to change. Something about his eye bugs me.

This one is the same , I just got some shading sticks and I never tried them out. I typically prefer to work in charcoal and I’ve never tried using the sticks for pencils. Turns out it’s pretty similar, just with a little less give than charcoal. It also doesn’t get that real deep dark black that you can get with charcoal, but for the time being I enjoyed it. I took the before and after so I could see what I liked better. I really enjoyed using the shading tools, but I felt like I was just filling in light areas for giggles because it can be addictive to rub down paper. Don’t judge. You’ll see. You like either one better? Feel free to let me know, I love being critiqued by strangers.

So this leads me to this one. After three days of drawing I decided that I wanted some ink. Not another tattoo, but yes. I want another tattoo. Aside from my wants and needs I was at Office Max and saw some prismacolor pens that I wanted. I didn’t buy them at that very moment, but my wife surprised me on her way home from work and she picked some up for me. So I went to work right away. I wanted to see how they would turn out on something I’d previously drawn, something that I didn’t commit a lot of time to before knowing how it would turn out. I’m actually really satisfied with the result. I had no idea that I had the anal retentiveness to hatch and crosshatch for hours. It’s a welcome break from quick doodles to have something polished that I could frame if I wanted. This was my first go at inking.

Can’t say I was disappointed. Can’t say I was blown away with anything either. I have a lot of work to do to become an expert in this area.

I thought to myself the next night I would draw something that was a little more extreme to me. Stan Lee always teaches to use the most extreme angles, so it’s much more dynamic. So with the next one I thought of a Space Marine landing and taking charge into battle.

So here is the result of that. I started off by drawing the leg in the center of the page. I wanted it to be the focal point. I had to make sure that it was going to be the right size in comparison to the rest of the body. Perspective is key. Oddly enough the biggest pain in the ass to this drawing was the sword. I hate drawing swords. I’m terrible at it. It always ends up looking like a lance or too round. Those straight razor sharp lines are what sell an edged weapon. Sadly I think I missed the mark here. I’ll keep working on it though until I get it down. Other than that I was pretty happy with how it came out. I did a lot less prior shading with pencil this time. I figured I’d let the ink do the work. I wasn’t sure how much cross hatching I should do since it’s all so new to me. So I’m experimenting.

On a side note, this is the one that I drew while watching Full Metal Jacket. It was angry and emotional. Makes me glad I wasn’t watching Spongebob. He might be a little to happy to be charging into battle.

This one I was watching the Cleveland Show to, not that that is important, just something that I felt like telling you about. I have to have white noise in the background all the time. Silence is a scary thing. Messes with your senses. Hearing things that aren’t there and so on. I prefer tv to music. I tend to tune out the words of the show over words in music. Music sucks me in whenever it’s on.

This drawing was something I always think of when I think of Space marines. They are really good at demolishing cities that are deemed heretical. I just kind of imagined this scene as something common to one. Looking back at the remains of a society that you destroyed. I think the look of pain was here, mainly because I would like to think that they were close to agreeing and something went horribly wrong and they destroyed it because they had to, not because they wanted to.

Again, the sword is off to me, I hate it. Ink however is far more difficult to erase than pencil. I guess I’ll have to keep working at it. I did a lot more ink shading in this than some of my other drawings. I’m pretty happy with how that came out. I think I’m just being intimidated by the permanency of it all.

The Dreadnought seen here is the first I ever drew. Robotic stuff always intimidated me. SO MANY STRAIGHT LINES! I hate tedious stuff…but inking is fun. So, what I’m saying is, I’ll ink it…but don’t ask me to use a ruler. I can’t do that, never will. I’d rather free hand something any day of the week. I’m really happy however with the outcome from this drawing. Dreadnoughts are some of the most awesome things from the world of 40K. They are gigantic machines with the brain or remnants of a fallen space marine. He’s not dead, but his body is. So they stick him in one of these and let him destroy everything to serve the Emperor. It’s gotta be boring when you’re not battling, but when you are it has to be the best ever. You’re a walking tank. These things can stand most heavy weapons no problem.

On a funny side note, I was watching Red vs Blue when I drew the Dreadnought. I kept thinking that it was going to be possessed by a ghost and try to kill Sarge. If you don’t get the reference don’t worry. You’re WAY late and if you watched it now you probably wouldn’t get it unless you played Halo. The original one, not these new ones trying to be it.
Last night I decided to try my hand at drawing Terminator armor. This is Space Marine armor on steroids. They are much bigger and bulkier, they’re slower, but they can get him by a semi and tear right through it. I found a picture of a figure that someone snapped a cool profile image of, here it is drawn. The lines of the face are very precise and straight. If you get rounded or off angle it looks weird. I must have redrawn this face 5-6 times before I was happy…even then I changed it up while in ink. I am really happy with this drawing. Terminator Space Marines are frickin’ awesome to nerds like me. If I messed it up I could imagine one kicking down my door and stomping on me til I corrected it. I changed the chest up and the face. I had a really great time doing this one. I tackled something really difficult to me and came out on top.

I’m mostly using the .5 mm black on these. I haven’t gotten into the smaller stuff much aside from the space marine who is overlooking his handy work. It’s in the smoke mainly, figured that the .5mm was gonna be a bit much for that. Tried to get that hazy effect.

Long story short, this is what I have been up to if you’ve wondered. Which I know you have! So let me know what you think of my drawings, the general reception on facebook is “neat!” What’s a Space Marine?! So…hopefully you can appreciate the content and critique it into the ground. Thanks as always for reading.



3 thoughts on “So, I’ve Been Drawing Again.

  1. I’d like to think all of my crosshatching and stippling on the D&D maps has encouraged you to one up me 🙂 Great drawings! Can’t wait to play so I can start drawing some clan logos!

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